The ThunderStorm

28th Apr 2016, 11:00 AM

The ThunderStorm
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MoonLotus-Hime on 28th Apr 2016, 7:18 AM

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Here's one of the made up Tarot Cards that Kulap use in ch1 EGF, The ThunderStorm. That created by her. This own cards group is called Weather Cards.

The ThunderStorm

Found: EGF1

Upright: Argument/Arguing, Turmoil, Conflict or Clashing

Reversed: Solved, Accepting or Recovered

Meaning: This mean your clashing with someone or yourself by yourself. By means arguing, can't accept it or just can't move on for some reason. Can mean rage within yourself also. Or have snapped within you or argument with someone.

Kulap's Picture:
Thunder w/Lightning- Mean clashing or conflict from someone you argue or can be dislike of yourself.

Ground w/ hidden seed- Can mean anything. Either hiding from argument of others or hiding conflict from them. Can be dormant seed that can't grow, meaning it afraid to interfere what causing some to clash outside, or seed of unknown, it can be good or bad that can grow upon this conflict.

Color- It in dark gloomy for bad omen with lighting that present clashing of the 'show.'

Sakura Card Captor meaning 'The Thunder' Cards

Upright: Sudden misfortune, ruin of plans, defeat, failure, pain and tears

Reverse: Evil forces are overthrown, courage, some success, better health



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