Nova Helene is just your shy normal girl who is homeschooled because of bullied in elementary and now has closed off the world around her. Thus, isolating herself and distrust to outsider but her family. However by age of 17, her family decide it time Nova go to high school like the rest of the kids her age. She tried protest but it was final and now here she was going high school called, Starling High and a Junior at that.

But soon piqued an interest in FFA and find strange new/old friends that may change her perspective in everyone and everything even life itself...



Young romance between Kulap Chanarong; a Tarot Cards reader and older Psychic twin of DokMei, and Runeildo Damiao; the wild goofball and singing guitarist. 

However, one prefer to live a life of calm lonely serenity and other want alot of people to party hard while live-while-you-can-way. Despite their different personality and ways, they share similar trait and situation.
But what will happened when two seperate world collide... For one tragic reason? Are they destined to fall in love or are they fated to be forever heartbroken?
Time can only tell for them...